Friday, August 20, 2010

The Stupidity of Horror Movies

I watched the remake of Friday the 13th last night. I know it's been out for some time now, but that's pretty much how my movie watching is now, my new releases are about 6 months behind the rest of society. What a stupid movie.

Let's be clear, I was not expecting Avatar, but I find it difficult to pay attention to a movie when I'm rolling my eyes every 5 minutes. Maybe I missed the point, but wasn't this movie, and movies of this ilk, supposed to be, oh I don't know, scary! I think part of the problem is movie makers (writers, directors, etc) have confused gory with scary. More blood and creative ways to murder do not equal scary. Wouldn't it much scarier if the characters were relatable and real? Not rich, horny, moron college kids? Seriously, how the F did these people even get into a college, ANY college? These kids should be riding on the short bus. Our friends are missing, you know what we should do? Have sex or split up and go out into the dark alone and look for them. I've not seen such stupid charaters in a movie since Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. But at least they were supposed to be dumb.

If it were just this movie, perhaps the stupidity of the victims could be forgiven but it's every single horror movie. It's like a monkey wrote these movies. Maybe I'm just expecting too much, but someone somewhere, must be able to write a truely scary movie! Please!

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  1. I completely agree. Horror movie characters drive me nuts. It's not like they have to be characters of great complexity, but can't they at least be a little likable, a little intelligent? Why can't there be something that makes us care if they become brutally eviscerated, decapitated, or discombobulated?

    All that being said, I actually just watched a horror movie that I loved. I don't know how you feel about subtitled movies, but the Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In" is definitely worth checking out. It was more creepy and eerie than it was outright horrific, but it was simply a great movie, and actually had characters to care about and feel for. As I was watching it, I didn't feel scared, really, but it leaves you feeling somewhat unsettled, and the feeling lingers. I hear the dubbed version is pretty bad, though, so if you see it, I would recommend the subtitles. Apparently it's being remade as a mainstream American film, probably because there wasn't enough gore and sex in the original.

    I also enjoy some horror movies simply for being bizarre and ridiculous. I thought "Drag Me To Hell" was fun, and "Trick r Treat" was pretty cool, too. But they aren't scary. A scary horror movie is a rare thing, it seems.